Camo Enamel is made for the serious sportsman. It gives you the best shot at bringing home what Mother Nature has to offer. Successfully breaking up outlines and shapes with camouflage can blend you in with almost any background, bringing you closer to nature.

Camo Enamel can be used to camouflage vehicles, boats, trailers, duck blinds, tree stands, ladders, ladder stands, guns, bows and almost any surface where a camouflage coating is needed.

Camo Enamel can also be used for natural crafts as a base coat under decoys, tole painting, and a variety of applications where natural, flat earth tones are desired.

Camo Enamel comes in the four most popular colors that sportsmen and hunters need: Reed Tan, Moss Green, Earth Brown and Flat Black. All four colors come in a flat finish that reduces glare attracting less attention to the surface you paint.

  Moss Green   Reed Tan   Earth Brown   Shadow Black
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