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  • Sealers
  • Traffic
  • Bin &
  • Stain
  • Propane

  • Till-Guard

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  • Bedliner & Slip
    Resistant Coating

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Multi-Purpose Enamels

  • Premium quality, rust resistant coating
  • Heavy-duty, oil-based formula for long lasting protection
  • Oil-based formula delivers quality performance at competitive pricing
380 Sun Yellow
381 Spring Green
382 Orange Crush
383 Cherry Red
384 Gloss White

385 Gloss Black
386 Fog Gray
387 Royal Blue
388 Flame Red

392 SatinBlack

Porch and Floor Enamels

  • For use on concrete or wood floors where hot tire pick-up is not an issue.
  • Hundreds of other colors available throughout our tint base line.

Oil Base Polyurethane:
Light Gray, 206 Medium Green, 208 Tile Red
Brown, 220 Medium Gray, 221, 222, 223 Tint Base
005 (V-5) Clear Gloss
(V-6) Clear Satin

Acrylic Latex:
Light Gray, 231 Medium Gray

Available Colors
  Product # Product Description
  2007x Light Gray
  2067x Medium Green
  2087x Tile Red
  2147x Brown
  2207x Medium Gray
  2217x White/Pastel Base
  230 Light Gray
  231 Medium Gray

Dairy Enamel

160 Oil Base White

  • A durable white enamel that will withstand humid conditions and repeated cleaning.
  • Good for use in incidental food contact applications.

Acrylic Maintenance Enamel

720 21 Semi-Gloss Cotton White
721 31
Semi-Gloss Pastel Base
722 41
Semi-Gloss Midtone Base
723 51
Semi-Gloss Deep Base
724 61
Semi-Gloss Neutral Base
725 71
Semi-Gloss Safety Red
  • Our most universal & highest quality, 100% acrylic latex, semi-gloss formula.
  • Designed for use on properly prepared interior & exterior steel, galvanized metal, wood, aluminum & masonry surfaces.
  • This formula is resistant to dilute acid, alkaline cleaners, steam, alcohol & grease.

H2O Industrial Maintenance Enamel

726 21 Gloss Cotton White
727 31
Gloss Pastel Base
728 41
Gloss Midtone Base
729 51
Gloss Deep Base
730 61
Gloss Neutral Base
731 71
Gloss Safety Yellow
732 71
Gloss Safety Red
733 71
Gloss Safety Blue
734 71
Gloss Black

  • Our most durable, 100% acrylic, gloss latex formula for high wear and industrial maintenance applications.
  • Use on residential and commercial interior and exterior wood, masonry and metal substrates.
  • Oil durability with the convenience of latex.



Clear Polyurethane Finishes

004 (V-4) Clear Sealer

  • Penetrating sealer for wood or concrete surfaces.

005 (V-5) Clear Gloss
(V-6) Clear Satin

  • Ideal for interior wood and concrete surfaces

FL121KIT Fuel Tank Liner Kit

118 74 Detergent Wash
119 74 Clean Rinse
120 74 Red Sealer

  • Seals rust and prevents rust and corrosion
  • Flexible – resists cracking or peeling
  • Seals leaks and weld seams
  • Packaged in a 3-STEP KIT or individually

Van Sickle® Fuel Tank Liner Red Sealer was designed to coat the interior of metal fuel tanks and is resistant to gasoline, diesel fuel, alcohol and other fuel additives. This polymer coating was formulated to seal small pin holes and leaks as well as to help prevent additional rusting. Van Sickle® Red Sealer is flexible and will resist cracking and peeling if the tank is lightly dented or incurs areas of moderate stress.

Flexible Sealer & Undercoater

122 70 Black
123 70 Clear

  • 1 Hour Recoat
  • Seals Cracks, Gaps and Small Holes
  • Spray on Metal, PVC, Fiberglass, Masonry, Concrete and More!

Traffic Paint

Zone Marking Paint

• Ideal for concrete or asphalt surfaces.

105 Latex White
106 Latex Yellow
110 Oil White
111 Oil Yellow

Bin & Building paint

Bin & Building

Our best 100% acrylic latex paint. Use on wood, galvanized metal and “coil coated” buildings. These products contain “rust arrestors” for painting lightly-rusted metal and can be tinted to mid-tone or pastel colors.

702, 710 Flat Primer/Finishes
Semi-Gloss Finish

Traffic Paint

Sure-Block Stain Blocker

• An excellent interior/exterior stain blocking primer.
• Use for blocking smoke, water, ink, crayon and many other stains.

622 Stain Blocking Oil Primer


Bin & Building paint

Propane Tank Paint

410 21 Gloss White
621 71 Aluminum

  • Oil-based formula with fortified ultra violet arrestors for longer lasting gloss finish
  • Oil-based formula with high aluminum content for longer lasting brilliant aluminum finish
  • Superior gloss retention and weather protection for the most severe conditions

Available in quarts and gallons with a user friendly how-to picture guide on the label.

Visit our Propane Tank Estimator to help determine how many gallons you will need! Click Here!



115 Soft Black

  • A soft back protective coating for tillage equipment when it is not in use.
  • Available in gallons and aerosol sprays for easy application.



R-05 Enamel Reducer

  • Mix 1 pint per gallon of Tractor & Equipment Enamel
  • Easy to use, no measuring needed
  • VOC exempt in most Air Districts

Paint Thinner

Van Sickle offers a complete line of thinners including mineral spirits, VM&P naphtha, lacquer thinner, and boiled linseed oil.

PC-50 Pre-Clean

  • A premium wax and grease remover
  • Will not harm lacquer or enamel finishes
  • Cleans substrates prior to painting

Traffic Paint

No Hunting

10970 No Hunting Purple - Oil based aersol
10971 No Hunting Purple - Latex Gallon for easy clean up

  • No Hunting Purple can be used in some states to mark No Hunting and No Trespassing areas.

116 Bedliner & Slip Resistant Coating

BL116KIT (kit)

Available in gallons and quarts and a DIY kit

  • A tough, flexible resin system and crumb rubber aggregate provides superior durability and performance.
  • Textured finish provides outstanding slip and skid resistance.
  • Moisture and chemical resistant, helps protect against corrosion.
  • Ready to use "as is" for easy application and touch up with brush or roller.

Van Sickle "rubberized" protective coating/bed liner is custom-designed for use as a reasonably priced, do-it-yourself option to high cost spray in bed liners. Rubber "crumb aggregate" is incorporated into a, flexible, top quality resin system designed to give optimal performance for your investment. Van Sickle® Bedliner & Slip Resistant Coating can also be used in a variety of applications where slip resistance or sound deadening qualities are desired. Easy re-application on areas of heavy wear makes this product ideal for maintaining the coating's appearance. No special equipment needed, just clean and recoat! Available in black or a clear, tintable base. Many colors are available by tinting the clear base with up to 14 oz. of universal colorant. Note: when tinting colors, some of the black rubber aggregate will be visible in the coating.

167 Self-Etching Primer

• Super Perium Quality Self-Etching Primer
• Compatible with a wide range of topcoats
• No sanding needed
• 10-15 minute dry to touch, 1 hour topcoat

169 Sandable Acrylic Lacquer Primer

  • Spray only primer
  • Can be used under Tractor & Equipment Enamel or Acrylic Enamel
  • Prime and apply finish coat in the same day
  • Easy wet and dry sanding
  • 1 hour sand/topcoat
  • Excellent adhesion and holdout

R-05 Enamel Reducer

• Mix 1 pint per gallon of Tractor & Equipment Enamel
• Easy to use, no measuring needed
• VOC exempt in most Air Districts

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Select when performance
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