Fuel Tank Liner


Our tank sealer is Ideal for use to seal rust and pinholes in metal gas tanks.

  • Available in a 3-step kit that includes a detergent wash, rinse and sealer
  • Seals rust and prevents rust and corrosion
  • Flexible and resists cracking or peeling
  • Seals leaks and weld seams

Product Data

Product Name Product # Sheen Base/Color Product Data Sheets Safety Data Sheets
Fuel Tank Liner 3 Step Kit FL121KIT  
Fuel Tank Liner Step 1 Detergent Wash — Quart 11874 Cleaner  PDF
Fuel Tank Liner Step 2 Clean Rinse — Quart 11974 Cleaner/Wash/Rinse  PDF PDF
Fuel Tank Liner Step 3 Red Sealer — Quart 12074 Satin Satin Red  PDF